Friday, November 21, 2008

Tuesday training was great with 7 rounds around Mount Faber plus stairs.
Somehow, I felt that the stairs training helped me with my bike though I dun ride a lot:)But at least it helped me to finish my Ironman 70.3 and Powerman bike leg.

The safra elite training was great. I always felt that I feel strong after the training:)

Legs were sore after the training... but the soreness was something I would look forward to every training...sounds a little saddist.

Thursday was supposed to be 8 loops x 1.6km plus stairs.. initially wanted to do 10 laps of 1.6km... but then because the trainer would not be present.. training was changed to 10km easy run instead..

but halfway when the group reached the bottom of Mount Faber, I stopped there and made a fast 2 loops of 1.6km upwards instead.. myself. in the darkness...

I found ease and strength to finish the 2 loops... there was nothing that ran through my mind as I did the 2 loops. just memories of me running when I was younger.

The peace and quietness was interrupted by a few cyclist. Surprising I saw Steph cycling in the opposite direction as I was running. This kept me a little motivated... it was boring and scary to be running alone. However, every round, I would look forward to seeing her..

After the 2 loops, I dashed back to Safra to join the rest.

After the run, I sat down and I miss some people, some people who have touched my hearts when I was running since young. I miss Yurou and Yutian. Hope that they are living happily in the other side of the world ... away from us... I know you 2 are watching on me as I run in every race, towards every finishin line.

And Yes, I am still running because of both of you:) I miss you 2 great friends...
12 years have passed on and your presence still lingers with me... How i wished that bus incident never happened.

I miss u 2 a lot:)

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