Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's can be pretty frustrating for people to judge you without knowing the facts.

For one girl who has been in the sports scene for some time, training with guys... some people will assume otherwise.

but for me, I do agree that my close friends are guys and that I am surrounded by guys in sports.
but that does not mean that I am loose or in what sense.

I do have close friends... First and foremost Sunny...
then Jonathan who me family and me known for 13 years...
and my god pa... who has been my emotional support to replace my dad ever since he was not around..
and a few close friends.

People who dun noe me at a personal level tend to judge me.
I dun understand why judgemental people who dun get their facts right.

Please, having many guy friends as a girl dun necessary mean that the girl is loose or too easy going. Neither does it mean that she needs attention.

It just so happens when you are born and grew up having sports as ur life and ur sports revolve ard guys, then your life will revolve ard guys.

i dun see a major problem with that.

Hopefully people who dunno me at a personal level, dun judge me:(

Thanks to friends who know me and have been very supportive.

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