Sunday, November 23, 2008

today my youngest sister asked me this question..
what kept me running till now..

it's because she has just grad from sec 4...
and because she dun find the motivation to continue training and running.

she asked me to look back on what happened to me last time and what kept me running till now ...

I remember being only a high jumper in my primary school days... and when I was going to break a record at the track meet, i broke BOTH the record and my ankle... from then on, i could no longer jump.. high jump or long jump.. phobia...

I said, if you want to do something. no one can stop you.
seriously, when i look back, i guess I am the only person in my pri school track team and sec sch team who continued to run till now.

When i was in my sch days.. pri and sec, I was not the best runner. But I wanted badly to prove to myself that I was worth of something greater.. and in JC i began to shine a little...
being a big fish in a small pond, PJC... i managed to find my worth.

And i guess its my coach, SIM ANN ENG at that time, who managed to make my running life worthwhile. as well as my teammate, Xiao Chun who made me find life in running.
Through them, my love for running just kept accelerating. Now i look back, it's really the coach who made a difference in me... and in most people. i guess after I stopped training with Sim, I found joy in working but yet at the same time, during that 2 years, Macritchie Runners 25 was a great motivation.

Everybody has their own different motivation.
For me, at every stage of my life its different...

At 3 years old
- given a chance to learn swimming

At11 years old
- given a chance to rep sch in 800m race

At 13 years old
- given a chance to rep sch in 3.2km

At 15 years old
- given a chance to rep sch at biathlon

At 17 years old-given a chance to own my own road bike
At 20 years old
- Given at chance to be part of a good running club-MR25, train with the National Triathlon team and got to know my best friend and bro- Sunny

At 21 years old- given a chance to be on the podium
At 21 years old-
Given a chance to be able to race and train with someone special

At 22 years old- given a chance to know my current coach and thus able to perform better

At 23 years old
- given a chance to go to Aussie to race under Singapore recognition, given a chance to be s sponsored athlete under Smith Optics

At 23 years old
- Given many chances in parts and parts of my life but din cherish it much...

At 24 years old
- Will I be given a chance to go Gold Coast Marathon, Rotterdam Marathon and Berlin marathon?

At 26 years old
--- will i be ready to rep singapore in the marathon

At 28 years old
--- Will I be able to hit 2.45hour for marathon??and rep Singapore in the Sea Games which is going to be held in Singapore

At 30 years old-
-- where will I be? I dunno... seems so far away...but yet, its just a mere few years down the road

In your life, your fate is in your hands...things happen for a reason.
Your fate lies in your own hands...

When a mistake is done, nothing can turn it back. It's whether you are willing to accept that mistake

No one is perfect...
years down the road in my life... Am I able to look back and say that I regret the things that I have done and have not done.. I hope I dun...

Running is a great form of relaxation but hopefully I dun run away from problems and reality....

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