Saturday, November 29, 2008

To my friends ard me: It's not a poem... but some pointers...

The More U try to act happy,
At the end of the day,
When you are alone,
You feel even more unhappy....
Because you know your happiness is made up..
and not truly from ur heart...
Why do people cry?
Why do people weep?
Who do people say hurtful things?
Why do people push you away?
It's because they care..
For you and for themselves...
For the benefit of u and him/her...

It's always a learning lesson..
a learning journey...
When you make a mistake.
Stand up and admit it.
When you have gotten over it.
Remember the faults and try to turn them into positive pointers.

Dun try to act happy.
Because the more u try,
the more it hurts.
Just be yourself...
You know who loves u the most...

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