Tuesday, November 11, 2008

just completed powerman malaysia.
was happy to have completed it with a breeze.
Did not do a single bike ride for this race because totally focussing on running.

However it was done well i thought:)

First 11km run : 49min 13seconds

Next 64km bike: 2 hour 09mins. I always knew i was not good on the bike

Last 10km run: 49min 14seconds

total timing plus transition: 3 hr 51min:)

happy to have finish the bike strong.. but nearly had a little cramps in the legs at the last 10km run.
Lucky for me, managed to come in 3rd. It was pure luck win i guess.
treated the guys on Bus 1 to free mac:)

this race was slightly different for me because I wore NIKE Kantana Cage racer:) it had a slight hole in the front due to the many races i have used it for. But still i feel that the cushioning and the response it gives to my legs is really good. I used it for Gold Coast marathon and now I used it again:)

glad that everyone enjoyed their race. Thanks to Alvin and Karen for organising the race. It was not easy organising 5 buses with 95 people and 80 over bikes up to Lumut. Once again. Kudos to those who have finished the race. you are all great!

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