Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sue Ann is getting married!!!

Today was a happy occasion day! met up with sec sch friends...

Thing first thing that caught our eyes was the diamond ring that was on Sue Ann's hand!!! oh my gosh... she is getting married soon!!! so happy for her...

She says she found the guy that she can really be who she is in front of him... haha her fiancee is an Italian... but really nice guy:) i guess time is not the factor... 1 yr 10mths together with her lovely bf has blossomed into a fruitful relationship and we are all really glad for her:)

So happy for her... but sad because she will be leaving to Italy for 6 months soon:( Not going to see her for at least half a year!!!

But the meet up has also lead to a new learning journey for each of us:)
Thanks to Juliana, Mabel, Pam and Sue Ann...

We must all start saving up for Sue Ann's wedding in Italy next year:) ahaha she will have to pay for our accomodation and living expenses there!!! haha... oh my.. its exciting...

Photos will be up soon:)
we took many photos which will leave great memories:)

Sue Ann, thanks for being a great friend back in Crescent Girls:) You have shine... and now, your diamond ring shines much much more hahaah!!!

She was so happy and we can all feel her bliss:) COngrats my dear!!

Looking forward to the last meet up on 12th dec:) the last time we going to meet up before you leave us for 6 months!!!

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