Friday, November 21, 2008

it's so funny when I looked at the results of the Pearl Izumi run series number 3..
i remember going late for the race.
looking back at the race.. i realised that i really enjoyed the whole run.
it was my first ever 30km run not alone.. all the way. Started late and not with the women but at least i really sincerely enjoyed the run:)

i reached 15mins i guess and I ran an easy run all the way. Though the water points were not something I would look forward to.
but at the end of the run, I had a good massage session and a good makan session.

The run brought back great memories and something to remember.
Long easy run.
How many times in a year I can do that.

Now, I can only see myself going to do long runs with Joe and Marcus and Vivian at race pace.
It going to be faster and faster each time.
I hope:)

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