Thursday, November 27, 2008

Suddenly, I had the urge to write a poem:)

I wished upon the stars,
and looked beyond the seas...

holding on to my clear blue necklance,

I pray beneath my wees...

My beady bracelet,

My chocolatey wallet.

My jadey hP chain,
My heart is still in pain...

I lost my heart and soul,

to things i can't control.

To all that I have had,

To those who I have met.

I wished hardly for good sleep.
Tossed and turned till i weep.

Why do good things come to an end?

I wished some things never began.

I wished for good luck,

and luck for all my friends.

upon each and everyone of them,

there lies a special trend.

If things were to turn back,

I would have made it a fact.

That to cherish what has came,

In all and all your name:)

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