Friday, May 23, 2008


had training with Shu on wed night... swimming training... at Bishan swimming pool..
initially thought that the training was supposed to be a real swimming training... in the end when we reached, we were pulled into a life saving training which both of us felt really reluctant to do it.. had to do towing... and then underwater swimming...

after one hour of instructions and training.. we felt really bored... talked to the coach and in the end,we ended up swimming on our own... SHU is really fast in her swim! She used to be a school swimmer... and she swims like 22 mins for 1.5 km! ahaah ...

we did several sets of swim... and we felt so much better than the life saving training! and after that we decided to have a 2 person swimming training every wed... 730pm at SPE...! haha... now i am going to start on swimming.. but not hardcore swimming anymore.. just training with my bestie.. SHU!

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