Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday's training:) `13/10/08

Dex joined me for my speed workout: 6 x 1km at 1 min 40 seconds pace... and rest time 90seconds...

it was nice.

Coaching the NTU biathlon team:) as usual, i joined them in the whole training:)

Swim sets:

I loaned the board from SRC and Medicine balls from the dragonboat team:)

Swim workout:

4 x 50m Warm up Breaststroke
8 x 25m One Hand Kicking
8 x 25m 10x10 drill
8 x 25m 3-5pull one breath and looking forward
8 x 25m Breaststrok kick
8 x 25m Pulling with Bouy
8 x 25m Single Leg Kicking with Bouy
6 x 60m Partner work
3 x 3min Thread Water

50m cool down

Static exercises:
Hand raises - 100 reps
Partner Leg Raises - 50 reps
Squats - 3min
Weight Balls - 2min
Bridge - 2min

Altogether for 2 sets:)

after that, i guess we all went home aching but with a sense of satisfaction
great workout guys:)

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