Friday, October 10, 2008

met up with a few friends recently:) God pa came to find me after safra training:) love himsunny met me after my hair dye.. oh no its kinda too brightand i met up with... Kalisah at the Basic Counselling course on Thurs:)and my bf in sch whom i haven spoken for long... i am in the morn session and he is in the aft session.. sad:) but still we are great partners!i was sooo bored in office marking i took a few pictures... before i did the real hair dye... hahaajust sooo sooo sooo bored!!
went out with Kaiming to Beach toad and saw this uncle singing karaokae in the middle of the shops!and these miniature t shirts!my table full of teacher day presents:)and i love the new gift i got! a key chain... :)and my new hair colour!

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