Wednesday, October 01, 2008

30th October 2008

Just back home :1.45a.m.
Training today:

6 loops of Mount Faber of 1.6km each
the hills were relatively ok to run with. However, the down hill part was a little aching on the knee. Had to use lighter and more cushioning foot steps while landing.

Lucky I had my NIKE Lunar Trainer as my saviour! haha...

wanted to do 7 loops but I missed one loop because AYE had a massive jam! Reached there late.
the uphills were not that steep round 30 degrees but it was long. The oncoming traffic was one thing that i was afraid of. When the vehicles approach, they come in fast speeds and they turn, probably can't see much of us. There was one point when I had to walk up the plants placed at the side to avoid the bus from hitting into me.

However, it was great because the team unity was there and we waited for each other to finish the 7 loops before walking back together.

Alan asked me to join the elite team for training on Tues and Thurs. Yeah i think i could try till dec when i get back into training. I need some form of motivation for training now...

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