Wednesday, October 01, 2008

happy children's day to all my students!!!

love them all:)

taught Vincent how to thread water as he is trying for SOF at end of NOV. was interesting to have a lesson learning all the techniques all over again for myself too.

Threading of water has several techniques and obviously i was teaching the figure of 8 technique. It is much better than the vertical breaststroke kick technique which requires more energy.

At night went to swim at Clementi Swim pool with Kaiming - 20 laps. Did some drills and gliding actions.
then hop onto his bike... wow comfortable bike..always enjoy the feeling of the cold air blowing on my skin.
Dinner was great Hongkong cafe food:) and we found this weird looking BANANA KEEPER from DAISO... should be used to keep triathletes' food-banana during a race:_

And he kindly passed me the driving theory book! Woowoo...
now thinking i should learn car or motor now since i am going to Aussie soon:)
cannot imagine motorbiking in cold weather man!

Time to lose weight!

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