Wednesday, August 13, 2008


went to NTU CCA fair to meet up with the biathlon team. Suddenly it brought back memories when I was in NIE. the place has revamped into another nice and yet cosy area. The people have mostly graduated leaving a few familiar faces. However, I still missed studying there.

Met up with Faizal and Rachel and had a short chat. Work has been piling up for them too. Happy that they are both dancing in NIE now. Great!

My swimming coaching was cancelled due to the heavy downpour that was expected to follow on.
Went to Mount Faber Safra to watch Olympics while waiting for the rest to slowly turn up for training after their work.

645pm: training at Safra was announced to be a 8 x 800m workout at telok blangah hills.

to my pleasant surprise, Lai Chee arrived. I had earlier received a message from her informing me that she was not coming. However, her last message informing me she eventually can make it, did not make it to my phone:(

nevertheless, we did a good training session. Not too fast and not too slow..was running right behind JD in the first 7 sets... clocking timing about 3min, 3.01min, 3.04min, 3.05min, then i slowed down because of an irritating stitch.. had laichee to run with me for the next 4 sets...
did 3.08min, 3.10min, 3.11min and lastly 2.56min...

lai chee and me went for cool down together up the other side of the hill and headed back to join the rest.

It was a good workout!

dinner with the usual 6 tri pple whom 3 of them are riding CEPPO bikes now... hahaah...
dinner was at the coffee shop at Clementi which sold Botak Jones western food:)

we had pasta, pizza and i had fish soup. The soup was not really appetising... and so in the end i ate 2 slices of the thin and crispy and delicious pizza...

had a long talk about insects and creatures, snakes and reptiles... reached home around 811pm and taught my sister oral examination for O levels:)

really yearn for a hair cut... hair is dropping and balding soon...stress level is going up.

happy to hear from Sunny that he has gotten the President's Sports Award... felt really honoured to be asked to attend this ceremony in Sept. Have been a loyal friend, fan and supporter of him all this while. Never once doubted him of his ability:) you deserve it bro! great job! thanks to the NUS Bi team that
recommended him:)

From this entry onwards, will put a photo of the shoe i am wearing everyday! whether is sports shoe or high heels.

Wed:7am to 3pm

Work: Air pegasus
Comfort and cushioning. For long distance training. I wear them to work and training during long runs.

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