Thursday, August 28, 2008

back after 2 weeks

have been off from blogging for more than 10 days.
busy with work, training and obviously race... Had a few races. Directors relay, run/walk assessment and AHM.
received my 3 pairs of shoes too:) love them

had a pair of NIKE Air Zoom, And a pair of Lunar Series training shoes as well as a pair of the NIKE Lunar Racer.

they were great shoes. Will upload the photos of them at night later and recommend as per usual to those avid runners.

As I walk through my second year of teaching, I asked myself, is this the job i really want. Is this going to be a long term commitment or am I interested in other areas?

I ask myself, why do I run till now.

I ask myself, is it a torture.

I ask myself, do I have close friends

I ask myself, who do i depend on..
and the answers were..

I run because i love running.
It is not a torture but a joy.
I have one close friend - SHU

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