Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday training: venue at CCAB
Reached late for training due to swimming coaching which ended only at 545pm...

din do much warm up.. regretted... Hurried my way and joined JJ in the 1.2km workout..

My body din feel well at the start... menses is causing me trouble .. always the case every month. My cramps are really bad, I could feel my legs and lower body from the abdominals downwards started to react to the pain. They cant move, they are non existence on this particular day.

The workout has immerged from marathon to half marathon: meaning that we will have to run at a faster pace..

supposed to do 1.2km sets at 5min 6secs each with a 1 minute rest.

These are the results:worst results i ever achieved...

1) 5.00min

2) 5.03min

3) 5.06min

4) 5.11min

5) 5.08min

and thereafter i had to stop.. it was too painful.. my mind had kept telling me to stop the workout. my body was not functioning as per normal. I had given up.

JJ stopped after 4 sets, Melinda stopped after struggling to finish the 6th set with me. Natalie was unable to finish the 600m workout that was planned for her...

only Vivian managed to finish the 1.2km workout and the boys 15 x 400m...

JJ and me felt really bad. Like weak. We were thinking whether the 20km on sunday had taken the toil on us. We felt like we were not performing and deep down inside, we wished that we could have finish the workout.

I knew that on a normal day, I would be able to complete it..

I ran in my fav racing shoe...the Kantana Air Zoom...the same shoe I wore for my gold coast marathon. It is my favourite racing shoe.. I use them for speed work on the track and races only. Its very light and quick in reaction. However, it is wearing out already... its time for a new racer!

Last but not least... I really wish that
...Menses... please go away...

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