Friday, August 29, 2008

directors relay!

Directors' relay. Used to be a 12 hour relay when i took part 2 years ago. that time i still remembered my team .. it was a lovely team made up of all mid distance runners from NTU ..

however, this year, it was a big difference. and a wonderful one. We from the Athlon Running team, the group of runners under coach Guy, had teamed up for this event. It was nice to have 2 marathon runners - Fab and me, Mid distance runners - Marcus, Joe, Illyas and a sprinter - Atiqi...
it was so fun because after training for so long, we finally get to race together.

Anxious filled me as i stood on the start line. I knew that my 2.4km was not that fast and i may pull the guys down. it started off and i started running... it was not easy as hatred for short distance run came in! :) I came in 4th lady, at 9min 28seconds... and then passed on to marcus who sped off... but he was actually relaxing! he did an easy run and only sped up at the end.. then Atiqi, Illyas, Joe and Lastly fabian went off...

we were racing with 2 groups. one is F1, the other the SP group which all came from mid dist runners:)

we were rather happy with the timings except for marcus who knew that he could have done so much better! but it's fine:) i guess it's the team spirit that made us really happy within us:)
Joe, Illyas and marc and me went for a short dip after that:) went for prize presentation to collect our 3rd prize!

photos speaks a thousand words...
before the race
after the raceshoes unite!
and this is the NIKE Lunar racer I wore for the race... i felt really light while running with it:)
it gave me minimum cushion but minimum weightage:)
it felt as though I was running barefooted.
the colour is yellow and green.
the laces are soft and easy to tie.
most importantly, it suits people who like to race in light shoes:)

I wore them for my Army half marathon too! my shoe is the one on the left:) the princesand i forced them to lift the heavy me!!!and the last pic! whiy is marcus hiding behind!!

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