Friday, August 29, 2008

run/walk assessment 2008

Run/walk assessment 2008
it is a yearly assessment done for teachers who wanna keep fit and earn money at the same time.
teachers who can run under 12min 30 seconds can get gold and receive $100. as for those who can do around 11 mns plus for ladies, they get silver and thereafter:)

we were greeted with a heavy downpour . it was also one day before my AHM and one day after my Directors relay run:) legs were feeling a little sore

the rain stopped and we started off.
I had a 2.4km run to complete at an easy pace. Saw the caucasian gentleman who was running quite fast!

I did not try to chase as I knew that I had too many races coming up, not the best time to risk injury:)the above gentleman is my boss - principal of keming primary schoolin the end... i ran a 9min 35 seconds:)

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