Friday, September 26, 2008

went to support my bro's running comp today = Safsa cross country:) it was a surprise to him ha! he was still talking about runners having gfs and wifes there to support them.. and the next thing he knew, he saw 2 familiar figures standing near the start line ... well he ran a splendid race.. basically he did not train for years.. if i could remember correctly, the last time he really ran seriously for a race was erm... 2 years ago? he used to be a biathlete, a waterpolo player in national youth teAM.. NOW a hip hop dancer...well he is an overachiever.. always doing well in what he aims to do.. even without training, he could come in top 10 in the Navy Biathlon men's closed cat:) today was a good race for him after his win at the RSN track meet at 5km:)

the black one nearest to us is my bro
my sister took these when we were waiting

he is sooo going to kill me for the photo below.. so ugly:(my me and bro:)bro playing with my hp chain:)

sisters and bro
and with Jickson:) my good brother from NDUand and junko: the cam whore queenand then with dexter and my bro

oh i need to thank XXXX XXXX for the sunglasses:) forgot to bring mine and had to use the one in my bag:) thanks! protected my eyes!

but the eyebags are really really huge.. if not the photo would look soo good. got to sleep more!

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