Monday, September 29, 2008

27th and 28th Sept


Ran with SG runners.
Planned to run 18km but then because we could not find a waterpoint to fill the water, we had to proceed further forward to reach the toilet.
Started at Changi Carpark 2... ran till east coast.
total distance :24km

Thanks to KK for his kindness.. fetch me to and fro.
it was a great run and a great day.
went swimming 40 laps at Clementi Swimming pool after that.

Felt so lonely after that met up with Shu at Dempsy Hill for some chill out session.


Ran 16km with Vivian and Joe at East Coast.messy hair after shower

went home to sleep.
Met coaching and then met up with Sunny at Suntec.

Went to meet a friend after that:) went to West Coast Park .

that was my day.

and so it goes on....

training starting soon:)

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