Friday, September 05, 2008


Sunday NIKE human race
Great event with lots of people wearing red NIKE shirt.
It was an eye opener event with everybody around the world coming together to run a similar race.

saw Vivian, Dinah, Mok, Huiqin, Ben Pulman, Jon Fong and some NIKE people right in front at the seeded line:)

I was 4 rows behind them.

the race started off with Joanne Peh, Jessica Tan and a young boy with cancer giving a short but yet sweet speech. Perseverence is the word.

There were several turns. We started at the Esplanade Bridge, headed to Lau Pat Sah, then towards Marina and then headed to Clarke Quay made a whole round around there and back to the Padang to end our race there.

In the mids of the race, I was rather very happy. Every other km i ran, i hear friends shouting and cheering for me. It was a very nice moment , though I could not see their faces in the opposite direction. However, I knew that out there, my friends are running and I love to see friends exercising. Till now, i also wonder who are the friends who has been calling my name!
thanks to all friends though:)

ran my 4th race of the month. 10km. NIKE human race. Din regret it. Did not do a very good PB. though it was 44min 28 seconds.. i was wondering whether it was a good timing.

It was my first time doing a 10km race after soooo long.
However, it din matter when all the work has been worth it.
Managed to get a 2nd position in the race for the under-25 category.
yeah i am lucky.

prizes were fabulous.
A NIKE Ipod, sportsband, and $300 NIKE voucher.

The stage performance were amazing. it's the first time i ever see any stage performance that i really enjoyed after a race. It was really grand. I wished I had my camera with me after the race. But i was enjoying myself at the NIKE lounge!

yes, there was a lounge. Vivian and me were talking and laughing there, enjoying each other's company. We also took free polariods photos!

She ran great! 1st in women's open category. great job!

overall, i highly recommend this race. It keep so many people talking about it even after the race has ended:)
i love this pair of shoes! NIKE lunar racer

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