Tuesday, July 29, 2008

27th JULY 2008

MONDAY training:
first training of the season

thanks to coach who was kind enough to run with me, because I had reached training late for an hour due to my CCA in school!

Warm up: 5 rounds on the CCAB grass field

Workout: Interval training of 6mins
Rest interval: 2 mins
Sets: 5 sets

Though it was a short session, but the session felt quite long to me! it felt as though it was never ending. I was trying to correct my running posture and bring my legs up a little higher. I have been too used to having low running posture and also in a sitting position which fabian always mentioned in past few trainings ...

I am trying very hard to correct it..Coach had said that it was a very good workout and I looked strong at the end of the day! thanks coach! appreciate it very very much for all your concerns and kindness!

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