Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keming Track

Keming Primary track and Field.
A team I build up only this year:)

One talented boy won the 800m gold..he was also leading in the 200m finals for the a division boys.. but fell at the last step. he got up, ran to the end and got 6th... sad as he was
but i was very amazed by a boy who came forward to him...offered to give him the trophy... I was amazed by the fact that he was willing to accept the fact that he was not the rightful winner...
that moved me nearly to tears... I was trying very hard to hold back my tears for the fact that Yusuff was near to winning the whole race... but a trip had made him fall... his dreams were gone..

however, he is still very talented:) winning the 800m at 2 min 40 seconds with only 1 month of training has already proved himself :)

good job !

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