Friday, June 20, 2008

training on thursday... SP...

warm up... did a little static exercises

6 x 800m at 3:24min per set...

what came out in the end:
1 - 3:11min
2 - 3:18min
3 - 3:14min
4 - 3:15min
5 - 3:11min
6 - 3:14min

coach went..."you still need strength and energy for your course later! slow down!"

but I just continued... haha felt rather comfortable...

Fab was accompanying me for the first 2 sets.. then he got a sudden pain in the archiles... and so had to stop... but well.. this is the last workout he can do with me! Next week onwards, it is his time to get whacked by coach! recovery time is over for him!

I just lost my wallet today... IC, Civil service card, GNC cards, bus ex-link cards and credit cards as well as ATM cards all lost!!! haiz... got stolen in my staff room when I was having a meeting... really... just give me back the IC... I dun want the cash... you can have it.. return me the more impt things please... I still have a red packet which coach gave to me with Kenya money for good luck... and 2 lucky jades inside... please can i have it back...

haiz...Fab thanks for offering to come to school and fetch me home... I would walk home instead.. no need to trouble you.
Shu, thanks for asking whether I needed help...
Students, thanks for your understanding as I would not be able to go for the lessons...had to cancel swim classes
JD, thanks for fetching me from home for dinner later and passing me cash... thank you

I just wished time can make a U-turn!

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