Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Friendly race with Macpherson Primary

Tuesday: 17th June 2008...

Went to recce a campsite with my Principal and my mentor.. it's for the P5 camp. wow the campsite held by Adam Khoo company is great.. more pictures so show soon.

2-4pm: Millenia Institute

Thanks to Eric Wu, coach of Macpherson Primary School Track and Field team.. we had arranged a friendly race for our kids... to get them to get prepared for their nationals coming up in july.
My kids have been training for only 5 sessions of about 2 hours each... they are really committed people... I have seen them through the whole hols.. gotten close to these students and realised the different needs of the students as well as they different strengths of them.

They are really my bunch of great kids... but always asking me to bring them to mac.. when i refused, they will in turn ask me to bring them to coffeeshop for a healthy meal and drink! I always relent!

the kids warmed up and did drills..
we had 100m, 200, 300m, 600m and 800m.
The kids did well. The outstanding one was obviously Yusuff. he is a P6 boy who is actually overaged. 13 years old. But very committed and potential. Even Eric said so.He won the 100m race and did a PB for the 800m . With only 5 sessions of training, he came in with a timing of 2:49min. This is a good result, definitely something to look forward for when I see him race during Nationals schools. He will give a good fight.

I am so proud of my long distance students. They were looking forward to race with other students in the 300m and 600m. However, Eric informed me that he do not have students available for the event that day. I had my students to race themselves and they really did so.

They were not afraid to fall or fail. They just wanted to complete it with a good timing. I am really very proud of them. Especially proud of Ervin. Every training he comes, he will stop running halfway and give up the training. But for the race, he actually finished it and came in right behind the girls. It was no big deal to me coming in slow, what's most important for my students is the sheer determination to finish the race in the best performance that you can have for the day.

and they did it. They did not win ALL the race, just several of them but i was really happy that they had successfully finished the whole race. Some had even ran extra distance to motivate the other runners. Yusoff for example, tried to jog a 600m round the track to motivate the younger long distance runners to finish the race. Hakim for example, did a 200m even after he had finished a 100m and 300m. Jagan went on to complete a 200m extra just to challenge himself.

Congrats to Keming Trackies, you made yourself proud, you made me proud.

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