Friday, June 06, 2008


today - 6june 2008

went down to PASSION bike shop at Pasir Panjang... My eyewear sponsor, Jameson and Jill , had kindly passed to me a set of XLAB wheels for my this Sunday's duathlon... way to go !

went down, had my bike fixed up..
the wheels were carbon made and very light and explosive... Alex, the mechanic spent quite some time to get the wheels done. He fixed a new derailer for me...(before the handle's strip was changed) and i asked for a change in my handle strip...white colour..

and here are pictures of my new bike! (considering of changing my frame now)i pray and hope that i can finish this Sunday's duathlon successfully... still quite sick and feverish... hope that the fever, flu and cough can subside...however, i know i cant perform up to my best standard. but I'll try...

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