Tuesday, October 06, 2009

NIKE Human Race and sports band

NIKE opened up extra 500 slots previously for the NIKE Human Race.. and guess the crowd!!! They were super enthusiastic!!!

Look at the crowd above. The afternoon was hot and humid but participants are pretty much more excited about signing up for the last 500 slots of the race and being a part of the Human Race.

I heard friends who had comments that they were not able to sign up for the race because when they went online, the shirts had no suitable size anymore. However, they were able to come early for this extra 500 slots and be a part of the community!!!

The special part of the Human race is being dressed in almost the same shirt as everyone else in the world and running together. The only difference is the numbers that are printed on the shirt itself.

Some people are wondering what colour will the shirt be this year? Make a guess???

Well, look forward to the coming 24th October 2009, NIKE Human Race... try coming in NIKE shorts and shoes to make a whole attire more suitable for the occasion!

Why not try the new NIKE Lunar Racer, Lunar Glide or running shoe which can help you to utilize your current Sports Band!!!

This was the band I was advertising for in Shape Magazine... come and have a try!!! wear it and feel the difference!!!

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