Monday, October 26, 2009

Thanks to Colin Tung, NTU IVP Captain and also a Redsports crew member:)

Managed to voice out my disagreement about the untrue report:) He made a change:)thanks Colin:)

respected the rights of the photo taken so I am fine with it:)

Colin: Red Sports' mission is to tell the Singapore sports story. The crew at Red Sports are all volunteers and we cover events so that we can raise the profile of Singapore sports and have certainly no malice against anyone. Of course, we have our fair share of mistakes as with anyone and this matter has been resolved with Sumiko.

Every report has its pros and cons:) and definitely some are negative reports...
in due respect of the athletes and the sport, as long as the report is true, We should all respect the reporter's view:)

However, I still favour the reports of Redsports and the huge enthusiasm of the writers:) and will continue to give my support!!!

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