Sunday, October 25, 2009


NIKE Human race

The race was fun, enjoyable and obviously exciting because not only we got to see the usual competitors, we also got to see old friends, old classmates and also people who just want to exercise:) it was great seeing these people coming together for a common goal:)

I managed to start off with a relatively good pace:) maintained with the ongoing ups and downs with strong female competitors coming up overtaking, shaking off pple and also pushing the pace quicker:)

The last part of the pit was a super happening one... we saw 450m left... and I made a mistake, I sped up at that moment, overtaken the 3rd Women from the Open cat... and then pushed the pace... however the more I run, the worst I felt!!! haahahah the last dash was not ending!!! seems sooo long even though we could see the finishing end line just in front of us...and I got overtaken at the last 10-20m... HMM:) a lesson learnt:) be patient:)
However, I must give it to Baoying.. super good and friendly competition pushing the pace to a greater level!!! great work babe!!!

However, it was also a great thing to be able to squeeze into the top 3 of the under 25 category:) geat competition there:)
managed to luckily get 1st:) managed to go a PB for this run:)

Thanks to my sponsor NIKE:) Andrew from NIKE, and also my fav shades which brought me thru this...
Special thanks to my good friend, Joshua Toh who was a great running companion throughout the race!!!

Thanks to Wendi (Joshua's wife), Leon and Junko and Athlon team...

Oh one more thing!!!! really proud of Ah Beng Buddy who did his ultimate PB!!!! wooowowowowowoww... hehehe:)

Location: F1 Pit Building:)

Kinda disappointed with for reporting the wrong info... they reported

Sumiko Tan, who placed fourth, had to literally crawl across the finishing line as she stumbled right at the end and had to be helped off. (Photo 7 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

and then put a picture of me stumbled on the floor...

I did not LITERALLY CRAWL across the finishing end line... as what they reported... I collapsed after crossing the end point ... and due to dehydration, I had to be helped by my friend, not first aiders...

why do they assume from picture what happened and just report as they liked to?

I have been suffering from Dehydration from races ever since I collapsed in a marathon at 36km mark 2 years back..Doctors suspected a heat stroke... ever since then, body seems to be having a little slow recovery...Like whenever i race, I can feel the body dehydrating..

Last dec 08, after finishing the race, my body gave way too... partially dehydrated, then 09 june in thailand also the same thing happened after the race ended...

I spoke to my lecturer on this and he advised me to look into my nutrition. Have been trying to better it...

I seriously do not think that what the reporter has written has ever gone through serious considerations for a runner...the negativity is great and really disappointing...

Look at the picture above... I finished at the end line... DID I CRAWL to the finishing line?????

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