Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last Saturday's SUNIG (Singapore University Games) swimming meet was held at NUS. Though NTU sent in the wrong list of swimmers and about 11 of us had to swim relays instead of our individual events, we all took it in our stride. The team spirit and morale was strong:)

I felt good and worst at the end of the session. I did 4 x 50m freestyle relay and 4 x 50m medley relay.

At the 4 x 50m freestyle relay, I was the third swimmer, did a 35seconds for the 50m sprint. I have not done any times under 37seconds ever since i started swimming as I have always been either swimming 37 seconds, or swimming long distances in triathlons and biathlons. Was rather happy. Our team got third for the relay.

then came the 4 x 50m medley, I was the anchor swimmer, received the touch pass by the teammate swimming Fly and I plunged in, swam as hard as I could, however got caught up at the end by NUS team B. I felt so bad, felt very guilty because I lost the 3rd placing for my team.
I did an even better timing, 34seconds, but I was unable to hold on to the 3rd place for my team. I kept apologising.... I am really sorry for causing this loss... I guess I have to swim faster, train harder.... apologies...

recovering from Shin Splint...
Yesterday's training was a good session. Even though I had to walk down the slopes after sprinting up (instead of jogging down as usual), I still felt a sense of achievement. Managed to do 6 laps instead of the usual 7-8 laps if i jog down the slopes...

When I am down with an injury, I obviously feel sad. But what can I do but pray for fast recovery, do easy sessions and also alternate exercises to keep my body moving.

I feel that my body has given way and become weaker and slower... but I always tell myself, nothing is always at its peak. there are always times that people fall, always ups and downs. Next year is my aim, now? Just a phase which I have to go through before I reach my aim next year:)

Managed to meet up with my NTU Xtry gals on Monday for a light training session. Right under the sorching hot sun, we did 8 sets of 200m fas strides with 200m light jog inbetween:) went well:)

Today's training was splendid as Ilyas picked me up from hostel to travel down to ECP for a light and easy run:) Easy runs always seem good.... Legs felt sore from yesterday's hill sessions but was still able to run through the session today. Felt the shin splint acting up, just have to ice it again:)

This Saturday race at West Coast Park.. SUNIG Xtry... I know I would not be able to perform at my best ability, but well, just do my part as a part of NTU Team:)

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