Saturday, December 20, 2008

today's training was a great one.
As usual, back to Woking workout again. But this time, weights increased... completed lunges with a total of 10kg on my shoulders, an increased from the usual 2.5kg.... and hand weights doubled to 5kg on each hand.

Planning and review for year 2009 was great:)

Went out for coaching and then roamed ard at west mall. Walked around the usual shops at pasta mania, bubble tea and etc... settled for something surprising. I bought 3 items:)
it was a notebook, a 2009 planner and a CD by a chinese singer. It has been almost 10 years since I bought a CD for myself. But the songs in this CD are really nice and I just can't help but buy it.

At the shop, i met my previous swimming student. Reminded me of the days when i coached with Swim Lab. The reason why i started to coach- to have a better life for us.
And the days of surprises turnout at the pool after my coaching, the life then and made me really wonder why I liked coaching swimming so much.
It was because of the love for the students as well as the love for a better life for us. I dunno.. emotions filled me to the brim at that moment.

I did something that I never expect myself to do: watch a movie myself.
There are so many movies that I had wanted to watch but did not have the chance to : Esp Saw 5.

Bukit Batok interchange had a free movie screening at an open area and it was screening the movie "Connected"... i walked past the area, walk backwards, sat down on the floor at 8pm and watched till 10pm.Nice movie, strangers company (everyone was either sitting on the floor or on the limited seats that were available).
The free movie screening will be till 24th dec... every day 8pm. I guess I will spend my Xmas eve there too:) it's great...

tomorrow training will start and looking forward to a painful but yet fruitful training day:) Thanks Athlon Running

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