Friday, December 19, 2008

Back from BBK with lots of clothings.
The only training i had there was running on threadmills and doing light weights in the gym... and prob sauna.

It felt like the omission of training was weird but then the treadmill was good:) I guess the music and company played a large part in it:)

Thanks to those people who want to bring me down. I won't say I am perfect or I am someone who has achieved great heights.

I know that I am learning and improving by the day:)
For you and for me, I reflect and learn.. each and every day. An insult, a suggestion, an advice... is always part and parcel of learning.

although many people who do not know me personally judge me, I thought back on the similar incident of Peishan who initially do not know me personally but heard things about me and had very bad impression about me.. haha but now,after knowing each other a higher level and hanging around together, we are great friends girl!

It's amazing how things can turn ugly when words from mouth get spread out without facts. But this is life, you can't make everybody like you.. neither can you please everyone. You just have to be respectful and answerable to yourself and the ones around u:)

but i guess those who know me stayed through with me must have reasons why they are here:)

Thanks for those who are standing by me:)
And thanks for those who do not know me personally but give comments about me. It helped me to learn.

I am going to be a quiet girl from now. Thanks:)

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