Sunday, December 21, 2008

21st Dec 08

I am dead tired after a whole day of training.

It's the first week of base training

Morning: completed 12km in one hour at east coast.

Afternoon: Kayak training for the upcoming Safra adventure race.

Night: back at east coast to complete another 12km in one hour.
And it was the joke of the day how we landed in Changi Airport Terminal 3 for dinner when Joe missed the exit to expo...
Thanks to the so called "pacer" group.. Marcus, Aitqi and Joe:)
They had great dinner Popeye Chicken which was yummy!... I remember my first visit there... just a few months back...

A total of 24km in 2 hours for the first Sunday of our 8 weeks base training period.

Thanks to Joe who has been kindly fetching me to and fro for training:)
It's great when I have friends who care.

thanks Sunny for always hearing me out.

I managed to fix something back in place finally: My buddhist beads... something so precious. Visited the temple today to pray for good health for everyone around me and fixed back the one and only bracelet on my hand... love it:)

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