Thursday, August 13, 2009

These few days have been great as I drive my way through lessons in school.It has always been a dream to be studying a Degree in Sports Science and here I am back in NIE. I feel old but yet, the mindset has changed from the Diploma days.

Back in DIP, i must admit I was just playing ard, not really focussing on studies, getting myself involved with so much hall activities, so many IVPs that I can't focus at all. And i scored pretty badly in the PE modules. 2 years down the road in the teaching line, I have realised that because of the lack of knowledge that I have obtained, there were many things that I cannot see myself fulfilling and finish the task nicely done, hence that's where I started to tell myself that I really want to study.Maybe it's the age tat made a difference.

I also started to go full gear for Bike lesson... want to finish up my aim of buying a motorbike-A white Vespa at the end of Dec:)

Training has been good. Did a time trial on Monday with the team, Tues night run with Henry, a senior from PJC, Wed afternoon run and drills... Thurs prepare for a race at Bedok reservoir.. Interministry Running race... Friday will be swim and relax then move on to Sat where I will be racing the Olive 5km run and Junko will do the 10km run...

Last but not least,Sunday AHM 21km..
not quite well prepared for this, but still, I am going to do my current best..

Ultimate aim is still Angkor Wat 21km in Dec:)

Back to sleep again now.

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