Friday, August 07, 2009


I did a photoshoot for SHAPE magazine... was honoured to be able to be asked for this photoshoot..
it's to advertise for the upcoming NIKE sports band:)
it's a super nice sports band with almost the same function as the previous sports band.

The Sportsband is light, user friendly, water resistant and eye catching. It allows me to check my pace, miles, elapsed time (chrono) and calories burned. It is very easy to use as only one button is available. My records from the Sportsband can be analyzed right from the computer by simply plugging in the Sportsband into the computer:)
It's going to be launched soon:)

The advertisement will be at SHAPE magazine in the Sept issue... dunno how small the article will be though. However, thanks to NIKE for the advertisement though:)
Did the photoshoot at SPH and knew RAY who will be writing the article, Justin who was the lame photographer hahah and Terrence who is the make up cum hair do artist...

after the photoshoot, i realised, i need to get slimmer, taller, fitter and I want my long hair back!!!

... look at CLEO next season too:) the magazine will feature our adventure race!

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