Friday, August 07, 2009

Last day at Keming Pri

Today's last day of my school life in Keming Pri:)

At the start of the day was the National Day Celebration. I felt very emotional because this might be my last time celebrating National Day in this school... as i walked towards my students.... my tears can't stop flowing...
it was sooo bad that I had to hide in some corner:) the tears flow even more when I sang the national day anthem... some sound in me told me that I really love being with the students, being able to help them, being able to convince them, impart them with skills and knowledge for life.

In this 2 years, I have done my very best to help the school in whatever way i can... just probably I lost some kind of passion after I was put down by some unhappy incidents...from then on 1.5 years after I started working, i lost the drive to want to work with people.

However, things always seem to pave a way for me.I am very appreciative of my principal who supported my studies leave and approved it with a supporting letter:) Appreciative of colleagues like Sharon, Alif, Jennifer, Suxia, Adrian and many more who stood by me all this while, looking positively at the effort I have put in,the huge amount of stress I had to go through leading the team, still being a beginning teacher... I held positions in the school and realised that sometimes, taking a step back to let others do the job might be a better option.

I have come to the end of my 2 years in KMPS and i bid farewell to all my colleagues, esp Richard who has been really lenient, helpful and understanding in all my work... thanks Richard:)

I love all my students and I must say, i have enjoyed teaching them PE these 2 years..

I remember spending 2 years of my teaching life being alone, eating and doing work alone... and now that I just started to be able to clique with a group of ppl ard my age grp of teachers who just entered the school, it's time for me to leave... But I must say, I really enjoyed my life as a PE teacher there...:) thanks everyone:)

Anita.. a new teacher who just came into the school.. i wished she had come in earlier and we would be having so much fun and joy and laughter being colleagues..

Iskandar... a PE teacher posted into the school but crossed over to the degree programme.. though we could not be colleagues for long... but we will be classmates for 2 years!!!

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