Friday, July 24, 2009

Shape run

went MIA for so long I am , back to the World of Blogging:)

Had several races recently.. so many that I perpetually posted most of them as photos on the facebook:)

X physique, Sundown marathon 10km, Phuket half marathon, 5km time trials at All Comers, Shape Run, CLEO adventure race:)

Shape run last Sunday was fun...was in the same elite attire as Jeanette and vivian and we looked like triplets hahaa:) even the sunglasses was almost the same except that the frames were of different types.

the start of the Shape run, I met up with Vivian... went for solid warm up of about 15minutes, did my dynamic stretching and then had some accelerate (which was not that good a drink to have on an almost empty stomach! I felt queeezzzyyy throughout the race!)

At the start, all in my mind was about focussing on the race, focussing on the timing. I knew I was not in good shape and that was one of the reasons why I postponed my Berlin marathon from 09 to 10...

At the start, I knew that If i could run under a 45min, I should be happy because at the last 10km race at Sundown marathon, i ran a disastrous 46mins... coach was not too happy with the timing though.

So boom, the start went off... and i sped forward... maintaining at my 10km pace at 3rd position. There was a girl dressed in Pink colour top in 2nd position. I ran with her all the way till 5km and I made my move. At that point of time, all i could thought of was " I must hold, cannot go out too fast, if not, everything is wasted, I must finish strong"...

at the 7km mark, Ramos came up and we ran together for 1km... She overtook me. I felt my legs weakening, however, I pushed hard and made sure I was in sight of her. She is a good friend of mine, a good competitor and a fabulous runner.. She fought strong...

At the 8 km mark, we met the 5km crowd. This time round, we had to try and find our way through the crowd and swerve in and out... then at the 8.5km U-turn point, I was too tired to even shout "excuse me".. in the end, though I really did not want to be rude, I tapped on some runners shoulders, shoved some of them aside... because some ladies were using their IPOD , some were running in groups and some were walking.

Ramos and me headed to the ending point together even at 9.5km.. I opened up my strides and managed to pull a gap.. in the end, i finished in 43min 10seconds.. 2nd position.. Ramos came in shortly in 43min 15seconds... strong lady huh!!!

and my teammate Vivian Tang, obviously came in first with a 5mins difference from me!!! hahaahaha...

we totally enjoyed the race...:) Nice race, good prizes and amazing company..

thanks to the 2 guardian angels who were there helping me out with photos and drinks and cheers... they made a difference for me on that particular day expecially:) thanks for waking up early and coming down to watch me race...

thanks to AThlon teammates like Ronnie ah beng and Christian as well as Tony seakins who came down just to see us race!!! u made our day!!

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