Saturday, September 30, 2006

Day out with family!

WOO HOO... FINALLY GOTTEN THESE PHOTOS FROM YUKO... TOOK DURING OUR FAMILY OUTING AT VILAJE... YUP IT WAS LAST WEEK I SUPPOSED... i went out with mummy, bro, yuko, junko, auntie, cousins like Yingshi, Iwin, Hongsiang, Hongsing and Yue yin and alongside with Dulcia-bro's gf of course! haah... i guess we had a great time eating there.. I had 100 bucks voucher won at MR 25 dinner and dance and so I asked them for dinner haha... yeah we had a great time catching up lol! yeah and i think they enjoyed the food... reminded me of the times i used to work at Marche as a cook!

Photo of all of us... haha

Photo of my family!

Junko, Yuko and me were cam whoring!

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