Friday, February 06, 2009

Its really been a Long time since my last update:)

Went to NIKE sale with Sunny.. bought a similar pull over as him.. we found it cheap and nice man! hahaah thanks bro for the ride...

Monday: Training session at Kent Ridge Park with Athlon group.. this time round, i did 8 rounds in 43mins instead of the usual 7 rounds.. wondering where I found the energy from.

Tuesday: Ironically it's the first time Sunny and me trained together ... ahah I did my 800m sets while he did his 1km sets... in the same time intervals .. at 1 min rest time instead of my usual 2 mins rest time...

Wednesday: Coached the NTU biathlon team.. they have around 1 month to their race and I am going to push them real hard at trainings:) Discipline must be present:)

Thursday: Woowoo... did my 600m sets at CCAB .. 8 sets.. and the last set I managed to clock 10 seconds faster than the previous 7 sets.
Coach mentioned that I am ready for my 5km next week during ALL comers meet at Gombak. It's going to be my first 5km race on the track. I am not going for a win this time, neither am I going to whack all out. I am just going to do my marathon race pace for the 5km...

Thanks coach for pointing out to me that my running posture is improving by the day... I am glad to have coach in my life:)

Looking forward to racing with SUnny at vertical marathon ... it's the first time bro and sisters are taking part in lovers challenge hahahahaa:)

looking forward to the following races of the year:)
Vertical Marathon, Surf and Sweat, Newton Run, ALL comers 5km, WOW adventure race, Raw Duathlon, Sundown marathon, Phuket 21km, Army Half, Shape Run, Great Eastern Women 10km, Berlin marathon...

If u wanna do it, set ur mind and focus on it... the training will lead u the way to ur dreams:)

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