Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pacesetters 30km

Back from Pacesetters 30km at KL:)
Had great fun and great company.

Ran the 20km race instead of the 30km..( I cannot do any race more than 21km before Berlin this year)
held back on the run because it was my first race there and I was afraid of the hilly terrains, slopes and support.

Started off really well, felt very strong. Weather was great and played a huge part in the race.
I was planning to go easy, finish the race, head back to hotel for a sleep...

The race course was filled with slopes.. not too steep though. Many gradual long slopes, turns as well as flat paths.
I was running well, the only thing I felt bad about was the lack of water support. The water support was at every 5km... and there was one waterpoint which was not set up by the time we reached there...
I was feeling a little thirsty at 16km but managed to overcome it.

Ended the race in 1hr 33mins with a smile on my face. It was the first time i felt so strong on the legs and body and the first time I felt I could have really pushed a lot further:)

Came in third in the women's open category.
Really satisfied with the long run there and as coach would have put it, go without any expectations:)

Glad to have so many friends there... and I had a surprised birthday celebration with them.
thanks to Peishan and Alber who bought the cake secretly...
I really enjoy the company of Mount Faber Safra people...

My face is still swollen... and legs stitches have broken.. think I need to see the doctor in a few days time..

Lastly I would like to end this post with a quote which I have seen for days:
If you wanna chase 2 rabbits, u will lose both... So FOCUS:)

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