Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ironman 70.3

Ironman 70.3
It's my second half ironman. aim was to complete the race with my triathlon training buddies :) did 8 rides before this and was using bull strength to complete:)
it all went well except for the hoohaa when I
1) Forgot to wear my chip and was informed coincidentally by my bf last 5 mins before the race
2) got a replacement chip just 1 minute before the race
3) Jumped into the sea for the sea swim but ended up dropping the replacement chip and had it gone missing in the sea
4) finished the 2 laps of swim, came up, was stopped by the chip lady who was shocked at my loss of 2 chips... ended up giving me a 3rd chip so I can continue with the race...

all in all, I was really a blurr person!!! too long off from triathlon , i guess I had forgotten a lot of the procedures!!!

was happy that I had lots of friends and love ones there to see me race that day. People from Yellowfish, Safra mount faber running group, Commando friends, RBs cum IBs and their wifes, NIKE people and all other triathletes like Robson, Venessa, Wung Yew, Peishan etc... thanks for all being there :)

last but not least, obviously, to thank the best man in the whole wide world, Crazer Phua:)

Managed to get 3rd position... it's time to bike more:)

Year 2008:1st half ironman
Training: ran and ran, swam and swam, cycled a total of 3 x 40km only...:) haah

Swim : 0:38:18
1st transition : 0:02:59
Bike :3:17:09
2nd transition :0:01:58
Run :1:50:33

Overall timing : 5:50:59

Year 2010: 2nd half ironman
Training: swim din swim, run mileage decreased, become lazy but then biked more than 8 times in total:)

Swim + 1st Transition :35:50
Cycle + 2nd transition :03:06:34
Run : 01:51:22

Overall timing :05:37:21

What had happened to my run time? haahah... it's time to buck up and train harder, run more!!!

Thanks to my RBs cum IBs who nicely helped and motivate me with the biking cum coaxing me into buying a new bike...diaoz

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