Sunday, December 06, 2009

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat's race is really an eye opener:) Well organised (except for the start havoc).... hehe:)

But i guess everyone comes here to do a good timing as the route is friendly, easy to run and definitely the weather here is much cooling. It starts to get hot only 2 hours after the race:) so if one comes in below 2hours for a 21km, then you should be shielded from the sun:)

I was feeling butterflies in my stomach when I stood at the start point.. among all guys, they were squeezing and nobody wanted to give way... it was pretty unlike Singapore where ladies say "excuse me" and guys would give way... over here, i was practically like a hamburger meat... I even had to put my hands in front of my chest to prevent people from squeezing!!! hahaah...

Reflection of my 10km race today:

The start of the 10km was chaos. The organisers held the board high up and asked us to stand behind a specific line, however the board was placed 10m infront. It created a chaos and people were shifting backwards, after that, they realised that the shift was not needed, everybody dashed to the front.

I dashed too to get a good start position.

I started off pretty fast as I did not want to be trampled upon. Many people were pushing each other and there were some people who fell and were stepped on!!!

First 2km i was doing at 4:20min pace... i felt it was too quick, so i slowed down. Maintained at 4.30mins for the next 2km... after that, I could not really mark out the 1km timings as the markings on the floor was very confusing and was more inclined towards the 21km race. There was practically no markings for the 10km.. so I had to rely on the 21km markings and count backwards, but still, it din seem too accurate.

I stuck with a cambodian runner for 3km and then at the 7km, I felt strong. I fastened up my footsteps a little quicker and held on to the pace for some time. At the last 1km, i felt strong and waved in and out of the 3km and 5km runners to get space.

As i turned in to the finishing end point, i saw the clock, 42mins 01 seconds!!! i was smiling as i finished the race.

Felt that I could have pushed a little more.. Din really felt dehydrated this time. I only took one water point water throughout the whole race:)

Glad that I hit my PB this time:) Thanks coach:)

Oh, the lady who ran with me last year in 21km here in cambodia also ran the 10km today... erm, she was second hahaha:) next year, i will try to win her!!!


Tony Seakins: 1:19hours, 4th position
Vivian Tang: 1:23mins, 1st position
Ronnie Teo: 1:25mins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vicky Hill: 1:29mins:), 2nd position
David Stevenson: 1.30mins

Sumiko Tan: 42mins, 3rd position
Melinda Paterson: 45mins, 7th position

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